Tamara Micner

I am a freelance journalist and playwright who lives in London, and grew up in Vancouver, Canada. I write about women and gender, immigration, food and the environment, and sometimes Jewish issues (and intersections between these areas). I speak French and Spanish in addition to English, and a bit of Greek, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Dutch. (I’m working on it.)

I have freelanced as a playwright, journalist, and sometimes editor since 2011. Before that I completed a Master’s in European Literature & Culture at Cambridge, where my first two plays (Fantasmagoriana and What You’re Missing) were staged. I previously studied English Language & Literature at Yale, with a writing concentration in non-fiction and playwriting, and worked in Communications at Google in California and Toronto.

I think storytelling, through journalism or theatre, can be a powerful way to help people understand the world more deeply, feel empathy, learn about other perspectives and experiences, and maybe change their minds a little. (And I love a pretty sentence.)

As a journalist, I write for the Wall Street Journal, VICE, London Review of Books, Lucky Peach, Forward, Condé Nast Traveller, and others.

As a playwright, I’ve developed both scripted and devised plays, and used verbatim text from real people’s stories. My last project, A Secret Life (Wandsworth Arts Festival / Theatre503), looked at the experience of being a teenager in the past and the present through a grandmother and granddaughter. Audiences followed the older character through the London area of Battersea, hearing her inner thoughts and memories, and a dialogue with her granddaughter inside a pub, through a specially built app on their smartphones. The play was developed with Baseless Fabric Theatre based on interviews and workshops with older and young Londoners about their teenage experiences.

You can see more of my work on this website, and get in touch with any questions or responses.

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