What You’re Missing

What You’re Missing

What You're Missing

What You’re Missing is a bright new comedy following two young people in love, living in the shadows of two different histories – the Eastern European and Chilean Jewish experiences. It’s 1973 in Canada, and Isabel and Ed really like each other – and each other’s parents. They want to embark on their own journey, but first they must do battle at home. As the two families meet, eat, misinterpret and overreact, will the older generation be a help or a hindrance? And is it only the young couple who are coming of age?

What You’re Missing had sellout performances at the King’s Head Theatre, London in 2014, directed by Jemima James. In 2015, it was produced at the Chutzpah! Festival in Vancouver, Canada, directed by John Cooper.

The Chutzpah! production was nominated for two Jessie Awards, for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Natascha Girgis) and Best Costume Design (Karen Matthews).

Photos are available of the Chutzpah! and King’s Head productions, plus a film recording of the Chutzpah! run (Act I and Act II).


the script’s greatest strength is its ability to appreciate families in both their eccentricities and their depth” –Georgia Straight

a beautifully acted character play with hilarious dialogue … a laugh-out-loud snapshot of local family dynamics” –Vancouver Presents